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Our events guide lists events taking place in the UK regardless of the organising group.

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May 2019
DateDaysLocationTypeEnter ByStartsOrganiserComments
3rd to 6th 4 ** TBC ** Walking AMWA
4th 1 Muiravonside Summer Event 04-MAY-2019 10:30 SSHC

Companion & Novelty Dog Show
EH49 6LW

October 2019
DateDaysLocationTypeEnter ByStartsOrganiserComments
26th to 27th 2 Royle Farm Showground Rally WM

Halloween Howler

26th to 27th 2 Sherwood Pines 2 x 1-day Rallies (Ch) SDAS
November 2019
DateDaysLocationTypeEnter ByStartsOrganiserComments
2nd to 3rd 2 Holywell Rally UCSC


9th to 10th 2 Darnaway 2 x 1-day Rallies (Ch) SDAS
9th to 10th 2 Feshiebridge Rally SSHC


16th to 17th 2 Daisy Walk, Suffolk 2 x 1-day Rallies (Ch) 04-NOV-2019 07:45 BSHRA

Daisy Walk IP12 3PF

23rd to 24th 2 Thetford Forest 2 x 1-day Rallies (Ch) BSSF

Races 1&2

30th to 1st 2 Sherwood Pines 2 x 1-day Rallies (Ch) 18-NOV-2019 07:45 BSHRA

NG22 8SY

December 2019
DateDaysLocationTypeEnter ByStartsOrganiserComments
7th to 8th 2 Black Isle 2 x 1-day Rallies (Ch) SDAS
14th to 15th 2 Cranwich Forest 2 x 1-day Rallies (Ch) 02-DEC-2019 07:45 BSHRA

IP26 5EU

14th to 15th 2 ** TBC ** Inter-Club Race BSSF

Venue – Midlands

28th to 29th 2 Thetford Forest Rally UCSC

New Years Race

January 2020
DateDaysLocationTypeEnter ByStartsOrganiserComments
4th to 5th 2 Rendlesham Forest 2 x 1-day Rallies (Ch) 20-DEC-2019 07:45 BSHRA

IP12 3NF

11th to 12th 2 Pembrey 2 x 1-day Rallies (Ch) BSSF

Races 3&4

11th to 12th 2 Sherwood Pines Rally SHCGB
18th to 19th 2 Santon Downham 2 x 1-day Rallies (Ch) 06-JAN-2020 07:45 BSHRA

IP26 5EU

18th to 19th 2 Culbin 2 x 1-day Rallies (Ch) SDAS
25th to 26th 2 Aviemore Rally 01-DEC-2019 08:15 SHCGB

New exciting changes TBA

February 2020
DateDaysLocationTypeEnter ByStartsOrganiserComments
1st to 2nd 2 Kings Forest East 2 x 1-day Rallies (Ch) 20-JAN-2020 07:45 BSHRA

IP28 6UX, Gate 210

8th to 9th 2 Dalby 2 x 1-day Rallies (Ch) SDAS
14th to 16th 3 Kings Forest West 3 x 1-day Rallies (Ch) 03-FEB-2020 07:45 BSHRA

IP28 6UY

15th to 16th 2 ** TBC ** Multi-Stage Rally BSSF

Venue – South East

29th 1 Santon Downham Championship Rally 17-MAR-2020 07:45 BSHRA

IP26 5EU

29th to 1st 2 Culbin Rally SSHC


March 2020
DateDaysLocationTypeEnter ByStartsOrganiserComments
1st 1 Santon Downham Shoot-out 17-MAR-2020 07:45 BSHRA

Shoot Out

14th to 15th 2 Ford Estate 2 x 1-day Rallies (Ch) SDAS

AGM/Champioship Prizegiving

28th to 29th 2 Bowland Trails 2 x 1-day Rallies (Ch) BSSF

Races 5&6

28th to 29th 2 Cranborne Chase Rally UCSC