Once again it would appear we are getting hassle, it would seem that someone has complained to OSCR the Scottish Charity Regulator about something on our website, they are saying we are trying to make ourselves look like a charity. So for those that don’t know us Snopeak nor our Siberian rescue page have never been a charity, Snopeak is our affix and the page for rescue is just that, for dogs that need re-homed.

People that know us, know that for about 13 years we have done loads of fund-raising events for welfare schemes and that, or rather my wife had a great idea to set up a charity which we took forward back in 2006. It would appear that even after myself (Mr Snopeak!!) giving a letter of resignation written by my lawyer due to unfounded allegations, we still seem to be getting grief. Our website has been amended so that nobody thinks we are a charity as we never have been and we would never wish to be. We would also like to say that we have nothing to do with the Sled Dog Welfare charity and that is the way we wish it to remain now and in the future. We hope this is clear enough to folks and that this is an end to the unnecessary hassle and stress that has been caused to us as a family.


  1. Terry Robertson
     - Reply

    Hi you always get idiots that are bent on causing trouble no matter what

    • Ewan
       - Reply

      Yeah, you’re right there Terry, though you would expect a bit more maturity from a sled dog charity. It just shows what some of the people involved in the sled dog world are like these days.

  2. Derek Dunn
     - Reply

    Just Shows there are real Plonkers out there.

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